God said "Step Into my move and raise up an army, an army of love"

 is a Bible-based, Spirit-empowered church, called to step into His move and raise up an army, an army of Love.  He is looking for voluntary lovers, sons and daughters, not obligated servants. He's coming for His bride.

Our mission is...
To step into His move and train up an army of voluntary lovers.  An army of set free, discipled, equipped, sons and daughters released into service from God and for His kingdom.

Our vision is...
Encounter...Hear...Identity...To see all people develop an intimate relationship with God.  We believe that programs alone cannot change people’s hearts. However, an encounter with the living God always changes people. gateway:61 introduces people to the intimate and life-changing presence of God. This results in God filling their lives with His life and not just with religious activities.    

Our purpose
 is...Identity to Freedom!
Our role as pastors and ministers is to help our people grow in their confidence and discernment as they learn to hear God. We’ve seen that good advice doesn’t tear down strongholds, but hearing God personally speak to you does. As people grow in their confidence, our job is to help them step into their true identity while God restores what’s been stolen from them.

Our priority is...
To help re-connect and restore people to their created design. We are dedicated to partnering with you to help strengthen your life and relationships, to help bring change and growth to your heart, your home, and organizations.  For each of us to become the person God created us to be, no matter what we have been through or are still struggling with.


We look forward to doing life with you!


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