Thank you!

While we have provided an online giving option as a resource, please do not choose to go into debt in order to give.
It is important to us that we support your being a good steward of the finances with which God has entrusted you. 

If you choose to give to gateway:61, you may click the "down arrows" to have the opportunity to target your giving.
Then by clicking “Make Donation” you will be taken to PayPal to complete your secure giving process. 

Thank you so much for supporting what God is doing!

Online Giving


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If you need to cancel an existing recurring payment, please click the link below:

A Joy to Discover

We believe in giving, not as a rule to keep, but as a joy to discover. If you’re already giving to gateway:61, thank you. If you’re not, we invite you to ask God what He would have you do and joyfully follow Him.

We’d rather you not give at all than to give from a place of fear or law.

Here are some thoughts...

1. giving is NOT in order to satisfy the requirement of the law. Yes, tithing was part of the Old Covenant yet the New Covenant is by the Spirit. It is love motivated internally, not law motivating externally.

2. giving is NOT out of the fear of punishment. Perfect love drives out fear that has to do with punishment. We serve a good Father and there is no room for being motivated by fear. He invites us to participate from a joyful heart.

3. giving IS out of awareness that God is our source. There’s something about giving that keeps our heart and thoughts anchored upon and trusting in God as our provider. Putting God first in our finances is an expression of worship.

4. giving IS so we participate in the economy of heaven where nothing is impossible. Putting God first in our finances is an expression of spiritual warfare.

5. giving IS a practical way to express our support for our gateway:61 family. Putting God first in our finances is an expression of family.