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Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is

True Freedom is not the absence of problems in life; it’s the presence of someOne...JESUS!

The purpose of Freedom Ministry is to help people enjoy spiritual, emotional, relational and physical freedom, in Christ. Freedom comes when we change the WAY we think; when we shift our perspective from problem focused to JESUS focused and allow His presence to fill our lives.

  • We all desire to hear God's voice
  • We all have life patterns we'd like to change
  • We all have soul wounds
  • We all have core lies that God wants to restore with His Truth

We highly recommend watching the Foundations of Freedom'  by Bob Hamp. You'll find links to these teachings listed below. Please take your time viewing the videos and resist the urge to take notes; it’s more of an experience than an informational download.

The Problem Jesus Came To Solve:

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Levels of Change:

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The Kingdom Parable:

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Hearing God:

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Kingdom of God:

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