There is great strength that arises when a body is formed, and great empowerment that comes when community comes together. As a body of women and sisters in Christ, we believe in the power of truth, of honesty, and of vulnerability. We value running to the word, lifting each other up in prayer, and holding one another accountable. We do life together throughout the seasons of our lives. We laugh, celebrate, and rejoice with each other; we cry, mourn, and comfort one another, each in season. 

Our heart is to create a safe space. A place that feels like resting at home with your sisters. A place where you can walk in and know that the true, raw, messy, real form of yourself, the you that God made, is always welcome. You look the most like God when you are the most true you, and you will be the most true form of yourself when you feel safe, at home, with family. So welcome home, come sit on the couch and cozy up with your family. Come as weary and exhausted as you are. Come as alive, bubbly, and vibrant as you are. Come As You Are. In every season of your life, every part of your heart is welcome here!

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