John Kramer

Founder/Senior Leader

When I was baptized as a young boy, I knew it had to be in the river.  At the time I couldn’t explain why, but now I see it’s because the river contained life.  At 14 while in my deer stand I heard the invitation of God to serve Him.  I made a deal with God that if He’d bring a big buck by that I would serve Him. You know what happened right?!  It was a huge ten-point buck.  Did I run right home to serve the Lord?  No.  I ran, from serving for many years, but I couldn’t hide.  In December of 2012 gateway:61 was born.

As the Senior Leader at gateway:61, the Lord’s instructions were clear...To step into His move and train up an army of voluntary lovers.  An army of set free, discipled, equipped, sons and daughters released into service from God and for His kingdom.  It’s about connecting to the Tree of LIFE, which is abiding with God, being aware of our daily need of a Savior.  It’s about being immersed in the River of Life!

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